Legal proceedings and transactions may be stressful, and the stakes are often high. We want you to feel that you are in good hands and that we are responsive to your needs when we defend you, advance your claims, analyze your legal options, advise you, or negotiate your transactions.

We represent our clients aggressively, proactively and ethically, while maintaining civility in our interactions with opposing parties and their counsel.

We do our best to estimate for you the potential range of legal fees and costs at each important stage of your legal matter. Whether you are a potential plaintiff or defendant, or a party to a transaction, we will discuss with you in detail what you can expect in terms of the potential cost and duration of your matter.

You are in charge of the business decisions in our legal representation. We will consult with you on every significant aspect of your matter, at each important stage. We will make every effort to return your telephone calls and answer your emails within 24 hours.

Each client is important to us, and we will try to achieve the best possible result for you, given the facts and circumstances unique to your matter. We strive for excellence in representing each client.