Our Services

Healthcare Law

Representing physicians, nurses, licensed healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities, medical staffs, clinics and medical groups in a variety of matters.


We investigate, bring and defend against civil claims on behalf of individuals, partnerships and corporations in most venues in California, including state and federal court and before administrative agencies.

Environmental Health

We have more than twenty years of experience advising clients on state and federal environmental, health and safety issues and prosecuting and defending claims in this complex area.

Experienced, Innovative, and Ethical.

We work hard to resolve your legal issues. If a typical legal solution is not available in your case, we look for ways to create a reasonable solution that works for you. We will always keep you informed about the possibility of concluding your matter through settlement, mediation or arbitration if you choose to try to avoid the expense of a resolution by a court or jury. If you resolve your matter in court, we will represent you ethically and aggressively.

Our Pledge


We are fair.

If you request it, we will provide a fees and costs estimate before we file a complaint, begin an evidentiary proceeding or defense, or provide legal services on a transactional matter. At Johnson & Rawi, PC, a shareholder of the law firm will always be directly responsible for working on your legal matters. A shareholder will work on all significant aspects of your case. If it is cost-effective and efficient to assign certain projects on your matter to attorneys or paraprofessionals who bill at a lower rates, we will do so. However, you will not bear the expense of their training by paying for our review of their work.

We bill costs on your legal matter at our costs, without markup. We limit your online legal research service provider costs, so that your costs for our use of proprietary legal research data services will never exceed a set amount in any billing cycle.

We provide frequent updates and assessments throughout the engagement, and will attempt to return all telephone calls and email communications from you within 24 hours.

We are

The attorneys of Johnson & Rawi, PC have over 30 years of combined experience. The shareholders of Johnson & Rawi, PC have either served as partners or managing attorneys in large, well-recognized law firms. Johnson & Rawi, PC was formed in order to provide more accessible, effective, and affordable service to their clients.